I now have my own Telegraph blog!


Happy days.

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4 Responses to I now have my own Telegraph blog!

  1. Paul says:

    Awesome blog, putting you on my roll. Please drop by to mine for comment and if possible sign the petition to have Sgt Nightingale released – From a fellow UKIPer, libertarian and veteran. http://amodernlibertarian.blogspot.co.uk/2012/11/release-sgt-nightingale-entire-case-is.html

  2. Alan says:

    Way to go young lady, if you’ll excuse the americanism, I have daughters older than you, If you are remotely representative of your age group there’s hope yet. Sincerest best wishes. Alan.

  3. Merlyn says:

    A big welcome to the Telegraph. We have been waiting for this opportunity.

    Well done Telegraph!

  4. Agouts says:

    And so you should. I once had a very small blog of my own over which, assiduously, lovingly, eagerly, I laboured. Got me bugger-all nowhere of course.

    I suspect it will be different for you. I predict great things. The notion that, in what passes for Britain today, a 24-year old such as yourself should not only reject all the unutterable tosh we have been subjected to for what feel like centuries – diversity, fairness, progressiveness (give me strength) and all the rest of the half-witted, self-reinforcing, wholly meaningless yet insidiously, creepingly destructive nonsense endlessly rammed down our throats, the whole at vast, in fact insane cost – is immensely cheering. There may yet be hope.

    And in the meantime, I am very happy to boost your comment count, though I strongly suspect this will anyway mount inexorably. Plus, of course, many congratulations on the Telegraph slot.

    If you need any help, ideas, encouragement from an elderly but not yet entirely decrepit conservative radical, just ask.

    Very best,


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