Lord Monckton of Arabia

Rarely am I so proud to be a member of UKIP.

The brilliant, irrepressible Lord Christopher Monckton, 3rd Viscount of Brenckley, former advisor to Margaret Thatcher, former Deputy Leader of UKIP and bastion of climate scepticism has just been kicked out of the Doha climate talks.

And in true Monckton style, he did so by dressing up as “Monckton of Arabia”, procuring a series of camels and placing onto said camels the words “STOP – CLIMATE HYPE – CFACT” (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow – a Washington based organization that offers a balanced voice to the increasingly hysteric climate narrative). A video of this can be seen here:

Unfortunately, Aziz the camel chucked Lord Monckton into a sand dune so the Arabian Lord was forced to enter the conference on foot.

But it wasn’t the camel antics that had the great Lord evicted from climate camp.

As the diplomats gathered for the climate conference president’s assessments of how close the countries are to coming to an agreement – given the success of Kyoto, the answer would probably be “not far at all” – Monckton slipped into the area reserved for the Burmese delegation and started to speak.

“In the 16 year we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming” said he, to an apparently bemused audience that swiftly darkened into a booing, hissing rabble of greater pantomime quality than our Arabic villain himself.

Needless to say, in the true form of these climate change fascists, Lord Monckton was removed from the hall and was stripped of his U.N. credentials. Of course, the point he was trying to make – that there has been a 16 year stall in global warming and climate change policies do very little but raise energy tariffs, forcing the poorest into fuel poverty and pushing investment offshore despite showing little to no remedy to an imagined problem – went ignored.

A dark day for Doha.

In Lord Monckton’s own words .

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One Response to Lord Monckton of Arabia

  1. Alan Sheath says:

    Well done, Viscount Monckton aka – Monckton of Arabia, or should you have worn a burkha instead? No, that would have made you even more vulnerable!! Well done also, Alexandra Swann – the more publicity we in UKIP can have, the better. Out of the EU madhouse!!

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