Another Tory Cllr joins UKIP

Which I think makes three new Cllrs in Surrey alone this week.

Cllr Elliot Nichols, who is in fact my local borough councillor, joined the light side yesterday. Like a good Tory he had the decency to talk to his former colleagues first.

Are we a threat? Of course we are.

I do not envy him going to tonight’s council meeting!

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5 Responses to Another Tory Cllr joins UKIP

  1. Debbie says:

    Would you like to comment on this following link:

    You said: “allowing people to vote on how other people’s money is spent — if they do not contribute — is dangerous”

    You are assuming people who are unemployed do not contribute in any way. I guess after you have been laid off, all the years you worked and payed taxes counts for nothing?! Are you saying if people lose their job and become unemployed, then they also lose their right to vote?
    Your idea is based on pure fantasy. You really need to educate yourself on this matter before making silly comments regarding the unemployed.
    You are supposed to be representing everyone. Not a smart move to make such a comment like this.

  2. truebritishpatriots says:

    UKIP a threat ? Maybe but I don’t think most of your voters know your’re only for the big money businesses and city traders coupled with a peculiar Immigration policy which in theory could replace the British in their own country !!

  3. Happily. It was an extended academic article in response to this article:

    I was talking about Herbert Spencer, the focus of my PhD thesis, and his views on extending the suffrage. That tweet was taken out of context and attributed to me.

    I made this very clear at the time. It is old news and little more than another attempt to smear a UKIP candidate

  4. How so?

    And it is the Tories financed by big business. Most our funding is from small donations with the exception of one or two big guns about whom we are very open.

  5. I responded to this comment above.

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