Election Campaign – Farnham North division – 4 days to go!

UKIP: the Conservatives call us the party of angry old white men. I think not!

I am currently running in the Surrey County Council elections as the UKIP candidate for the Farnham North division.

The campaign has been long but truly inspiring; UKIP does not have the man power or financial resources of the Conservatives – especially in this area – but seeing my local branch rally and witnessing first hand the changing feeling on the door step has been quite something.

In the past month we have had two stalls on Farnham’s main street, The Borough, to boost UKIP’s presence in this formerly true blue area; the response to our leaflets has been tremendous and our thanks go to for allowing us to set up outside.

One of the greatest things about UKIP’s surge is seeing people who have never before voted or cared for politics getting involved, engaging and in some cases becoming politically active.

Today we went canvassing with Winston McKenzie, his agent Marianne and my agent Elliot, up to the Sandy Hill council estate in Farnham North. A young lady who lives on the estate – and who has never voted before – has been so inspired by UKIP that today we had her out wearing a purple rosette, knocking on doors, convincing her friends we are worth giving a shot. Even if I lose on Thursday, this alone will make the campaign and exhaustion worth it.

Surrey is known as a very affluent area but, like everywhere, there are pockets such as Sandy Hill where many people face real problems – whether it be housing, social services or not having anyone to sit down and explain changes to certain benefits – and I heard one particularly heart breaking story this afternoon. Over a serious problem faced by a young lady for the past four years, the Conservative incumbent has done nothing to help, our MP isn’t listening and the lady needed someone to stand up for her, to listen and to fight her corner; I want to be that person – not for the allowances and free iPad/blackberry offered to every Surrey councillor – but because local politics is about making small differences in the lives of local people.

Tomorrow we have the Irish Times coming to Farnham to see my campaign in action; after having French and Italian media here last week I doubt this little market town has had so much outside attention for years!

Thanks for taking the time to read. I will update tomorrow evening.

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  1. sam says:

    Good luck, Alexandra. If I wasn’t so busy at the moment I might have been able to pop down to Farnham myself and see how the campaign was going.

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